Jacob Adamo was a Husband, Father, Network Marketing Team Leader, and a Personal Development Coach. He was passionate about communication and improving the lives and relationships of those the he came into contact with.

After working in many fields, including door to door sales, construction, landscaping, and automotive service he was blessed to work alongside his amazing wife from home while raising their seven beautiful children for four years before his death.

He abandoned early political aspirations in favor of something that he believes has much more opportunity to improve the world, one individual at a time… communication, and understanding those that we interact with on a daily basis.

He has written two books: Full Spectrum Success and Full Spectrum Freedom, and truly enjoyed traveling, speaking, and enlightening others with ideals that improved their ability to live a more effective life.

All throughout Jacob’s life he had a desire to learn more about people and communication.  His background was varied, but reading people’s personalities was always a passion. It started as more of a hobby until he and his wife developed a Network Marketing team.  All of a sudden it became imperative that they understand the different personalities that worked within their team, and it is that journey that sparked his desire to teach.  Jacob enjoyed helping people “Look at it from the other person’s perspective”,and understand how to explain to their team what that truly means from a personality perspective!  His desire is to share the simple method he developed to help any and all of those that desire to achieve a more cohesive communication with their team, whatever team they may be a part of!

After Jacob’s sudden passing in April of 2018, his wife Sarah Adamo picked up his baton and continued on with his message of better communication through understand the unique characteristics of each personality and blending them to achieve more balanced relationships. In addition to homeschooling their 7 children, she is currently working on her first book and leads a team of over 1200 families in her business. She and the children strive to honor Jacob’s legacy by shining the light of truth and hope to others in an effort to create deeper more meaningful relationships both at work and at home.

 Let’s work together!

“We want to help you achieve better communication in every area of your life, with any personality color, regardless of their “shade”.  This means a better relationship with your team, your boss, and your family!  Let us help you (and your team) establish “True Color” relationships and growth.  Communication is Everything, and we want to help you Live and Lead in True Color!  Let us know how we can be of service and let’s grow together! Do you think Full Spectrum Communication could benefit your team?  Contact us here to find out about rates and availability for events and conference call trainings!”