“Troublesome” Shade – They tend to act without thought of consequences, and are terrible about not being on time or following through with their promises because of their “live for the moment” attitude and their insatiable desire to please themselves first. They are unreliable, forgetful, and often speak before they think.

“Typical” Shade – They are spontaneous and fun loving people that can bring a bright spot to any occasion. Their love of adventure and good sense of humor make them attractive to any party, but don’t make them the center of the evening because time is still just not as important as what they may be doing on any given occasion.

“True” Shade – They are mindful of others’ time, and consider the consequences of their actions before they act. Their love of fun and their energetic behavior is inspiring to those around them when augmented by their focus to stay on track with their goals and desires.

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