“Troublesome” Shade – They tend to overanalyze things to the point of being unable to take the first step. They accept nothing on faith, are very unforgiving, skeptical, and expect perfection in every aspect of life. They have an inner need to win every argument and are not very social.

“Typical” Shade – They are highly analytical thinkers and problem solvers, but need to follow a detailed plan in order to function, and like to make well informed decisions after careful consideration. They are practical realists who prefer fact over opinion, pursue “perfection” in themselves and others, and do their best to remain emotionally detached.

“True” Shade – They love a well thought out plan, but do not let the absence of one prevent them from moving forward in life. Their ability to “get to the bottom” of a situation makes them a valuable friend when combined with their ability to empathize and help to form a solution. Their strength is an ability to stand firm on principle in the face of any opposition.

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