“Troublesome” Shade – They tend to exhibit extreme insecurity and lean toward being sociopaths, making up their own morals as they go to fit their situation. Egocentric behavior is common, with verbal abuse present and ready if others do not fulfill their sense of entitlement.

“Typical” Shade – They are confident and love challenges. They are driven by a strong desire to win and they consider themselves to belong in society’s elite. Over-achievement and quick decision making skills help keep them in the limelight and garnering praise from those around them, which is right where they love to be.

“True” Shade – They are ethical winners, with their strength under control. They no longer NEED the approval of others, but have a well-established self-image that allows them to move toward their goals while keeping in their awareness the needs of those around them. Although they still love the attention of victory, they are sure to acknowledge those around them before reaping their own glory.

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