“Troublesome” Shade – They are emotionally insecure and will avoid conflict at any cost, even if the results would be healthy. When their bottled-up emotions do finally get released it is in an explosion of anger and bitterness. They are often gullible, worrisome, indecisive to a fault, and lack overall motivation in life.

“Typical” Shade – They are friendly, loyal, and honest. They thrive on team activities, family, and outdoor recreation. They are turned off by materialism and prefer a simpler life, avoiding conflict whenever possible in favor of remaining personable.

“True” Shade – They know how to express their emotions and opinions in a way that remains friendly and empathetic without being overly sympathetic. They are capable of “tough love” and know that they can only help those who truly want to change. Criticism is understood to be a part of life and they do not take it personally. They are the ultimate team members, supporters, and natural peacemakers.

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