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Short, easy to read, but full of meaningful information that helped me understand people better.

“There are quite a few books on communication available, and some are very long and involved, but the beauty of this book is its’ simplicity. The book is very thoughtfully laid out and does make a logical progression to help you understand how to talk to pretty much anyone. I feel that being able to understand how to communicate with different personality types has helped both my business and family relationships.”  ~ Amazon Customer (Paperback)

I’m a Red. I need help communicating effectively!

“We met Jacob Adamo about a year ago at a convention in Utah. Since then, we have incorporated the Full Spectrum Success method of recognizing personalities into my Young Living Essential Oils business with success. We help people identify their color using Jacobs techniques, and then develop communication patterns that relate to the person’s interests and abilities. It has been very helpful in team building for my organization.” ~ T. Boley (Kindle Edition)

Jacob Adamo has an insight that comes across easily and without a lot of fluff.

“There are so many books out there that say the same thing over and over. This is not one of those books. Jacob Adamo has an insight that comes across easily and without a lot of fluff! I have found the information to be honest and very useful as I encounter people with my business. Thank you Jacob for the concise way that you shared a deeper ability to communicate between personality types. I highly recommend this book as a tool to everyone who works with groups of people; an absolute must for managers and those in Network Marketing.” ~ Pioneer Woman (Paperback)

A True Gem To Have!

“Full Spectrum Success is truly a genuine book for a time such as this! Jacob Adamo does a brilliant job of simplifying one of the most complicated and frustrating things that we experience in life and that is communication. Whether your dealing with your day to day relationships, scaling the walls of the corporate ladder, or testing the waters in new economic ventures like network marketing, this book is definitely for you. The guiding wisdom of this book will show you the depth of what the other persons view really is and will captivate your thought process, and mold you into the Communications major you desire to be. A quick, simple and truly enjoyable read!” ~ A. Koops (Paperback)

Given me some insight as to how I can better communicate with my team members.

“This book has really given me some insight as to how I can better communicate with my team members, customers, and family. sometimes it’s very easy to only see things from your own perspective, and completely miss what the other person is saying. I think reading this book would help a lot of people to do better in the area of communication.” ~ M. Marlow (Paperback)

Must read!

“Similar to another color code book i read. A little more in depth , very good on how to communicate to people.” ~ G. Labelle (Kindle Edition)

Five Stars!

“Excellent way to learn how to work with people with different personalities. An easy read.” ~ Wyomingite (Kindle Edition)

It was written to be an easy read, over a weekend.

“Is the information in this book new? No. I’ve read similar personality type books over the years. What makes this book different is the intent with which is was written. It was written to be an easy read, over a weekend. It is very well organized so that the reader can learn quickly. Jacob Adamo has also carefully considered his audience. He wants people to read this book and learn ways to further their business, primarily. I think it can be used in other ways as well, in many different relationships. I especially liked how he succinctly describes each color (personality type) in the appendix with “troublesome,” “typical’, and “true” shades. The one negative that I had: I purchased the book for my Kindle and the way to take the personality test for myself was a little difficult. I haven’t quite figured out how to fold over a virtual page. I just took the test on a separate sheet of paper. All in all, a great and informative read. I just need to go over it again for a quick refresher. PS I’m a green. You can’t close a green. I considered long and hard whether to spend the money on this book. I’m glad I did.” L. Pierce (Kindle Edition)

Understand the people you are trying to reach!

“Full Spectrum Success is a quick read, and will give you the ability to reach people who think very differently than you do. It’s a valuable tool for helping you get along with your coworkers (and even family members), as well as those you may be trying to reach, whether in a church or business setting.” ~ T. Schultz (Kindle Edition)

An Amazing Resource!

“This book is amazing for learning about different personalities to help be a better leader and business builder. Jacob breaks down different personalities by color. Once you read the book you will understand 🙂 Understanding others and how their personalities work will help you in your life and business alike. There is also a color personality quiz in the back which was really fun! I own the Kindle version and paperback. This would make a great resource for your Young Living team! Go get this book, you will not be disappointed.” ~ K. Fish (Kindle Edition and Paperback)

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